+ bring design to life through animation

Here are a collection of animations I have made. Animations are a way of grabbing the viewers attention and also helps explain a concept in a fun a interesting way. 

idea's for a happy life

Every year at tothepoint we send out a calendar to our clients with graphics which shows who we are and how we work together. We then bring the graphics to life with animation. My self and another designer Joe Cook (view Linkedin) worked on how these animations can portray the 12 ideas for a happy life.


Whilst working at tothepoint our client Bureau Van Dijk asked us to create an animation demonstrating one of their services. The service is a system which allows companies to search their extensive databases, for companies which have been sanctioned or sanctioned by extention. Due to those companies being owned/ partily owned by one of the 12 Russian nationals involved in the meddling of the US elections.

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