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Captions is a brand aimed at helping those suffering with dementia maintain their memories for as long as possible through life story books. Captions provides its customers the ability to create their own story book with the use of an online template Make A Book service which generates a hard copy book as well as an online version.

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Photos are a great way to help those with dementia connect with their past and can aid in helping memory loss and connecting them with past memories. In my primary research I conducted experiments to see how photos can help and also what can be done to improve recognition of the context of an image.


I found that some suffering with dementia struggle to relate to black and white imagery. This is because when we are trying to think of a memory, colour has a major impact on how we perceive that memory. Hence there is no black and white imagery in the books caption create. When a user submits a photo online there is an algorithm which recognises that it is a black and white image and colourises it for the user. This became the brands USP.

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As many people with dementia could struggle with reading especially at the later stages of the condition, users can upload a voice transcript of the written text. This is then used on an app and allows people to play the track which correlates with the page they are on. A number in the top corner indicates what track to play for the specific story. It is advised that if the story is about a specific person then that person should read out the transcript to aid in memory recognition


memory library

The Memory Library is a library of memories which have been made through the Make A Book Service. Each time a book is made another is made for free and placed inside The Memory Library. All sensitive information is removed for data protection.

The purpose of library is to raise awareness of the condition and to show what people with dementia may lose eventually. The library will be held
at the Wellcome Collection in London due them already exhibiting pieces relating to health, life and places in the world. It is the ideal place to hold a library such as The Memory Library.

The visuals promoting the event is designed to show memories fading to symbolise what dementia patients may lose forever. There are two different marketing visuals, one showing a physical book of someone’s memories and another of memories that the target audience would remember which are fading away.

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