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Husk is a sophisticated luxury skin care brand which has a minimalist aesthetic to portray cleanliness.The brand believes in re-usability as well as recycling.The Husk products utilise spent grain from the brewing process to replace micro beads inside formulations, as well as protein extract.

replacing microbeads


The product will be distributed via the Husk website as well as supermarkets such as Marks and Spencer’s and Waitrose. As the brand is about re-cycling and sophistication, the products will be encased in glass containers where customers will be able to buy refillable cartridges instead of purchasing new containers.

The brand media strategy is to advertise around the targets commute to work, such as underground billboards and posters. The products will also be placed inside toilets of offices and places of interest the target audience will attend (theatre’s and museums). This allows potential customers to try the product beforehand.

u stand

A stand will be placed amongst shopping centres and train stations to allow possible customers to try the products and learn more about the brand. The stand is 3D modelled placed inside a shopping centre in Hatfield. The main point of sale is highlighted by the infographic on the stand. That all products in the HUSK range is using the spent grain from the brewing process.

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