ucl hoardings

+ design which engages and educates the local community

Whilst working at tothepoint I was tasked to create large format graphics which was engaging to the the local community whilst educating the community what the new Pears building will be used for. The hoardings are 70 meters long surrounding the site which will be in the forefront of immunotherapy. Due to the complexity of the research the Pears building would be used for we was tasked to represent this in bite size understandable chunks. Project can also be found at:  https://www.tothepoint.co.uk/work/ulc-hoardings/


local schools

We was asked to display Oliver Yu Chans art on some extra panels on the hoardings. Oliver is a local artist close to the site, he enjoys painting buildings with his unique look and feel. We wanted to display his work to reflect it as an art installation whilst retaining some of the colours from the main hoardings. Olivers work can be found here: https://oliveryuchan.tumblr.com/

Oliver also runs a cafe in Hampstead where you can view his work and enjoy coffee and a cake.

oliver yu chan

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